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                         2020 Year's Calendar

2020 Serizawa Calendar

Keisuke Serizawa 1895-1984 (living national treasure)

beloved artisan who was authorized as a living national treasure in 1956.

Keisuke Serizawa learned a lot about the method of BINGATA and stencil hand-dying in Okinawa. Afterwards, he perfected the real essence of designing stencil patterns. There are no cut corners or poor quality in his works. Though he always strove for the best work, he nevertheless hated extremely exaggerated work. He put emphasis on the ordinary. This is the greatest characteristic in his view of beauty and is the reason why he was one of the great leaders of the Mingei movement.
2020 Serizawa Calendar
CS-1 designed by Keisuke Serizawa 
hand-dyed on washi papers
H 38× W 29cm  16000 yen
We have special price for our repeaters.
Please cantact us.

sold out

January February March
April May June
July August September
October November December

2020 Serizawa Desk Calendar

CS-2 2020 Desk Calendar
designed by Keisuke Serizawa
   H 14× W 10cm 1200 yen


2020 Year's Desk Calendars

Please click a picture to enlarge
CT-1 designed by Tomoko Nomiyama CT-2 designed by Tadao Ujihara
H14 × W10 cm   480 yen
sold out
H15 × W10.3cm  700 yen
sold out

CT-3 Warabe CT-4 Flower
H 9× W 15cm  600 yen
H16 × W9.5cm  700 yen
sold out

2020 Year's Magic Calendar

CLM-1 Magic Calendar  
H 19× W 30cm  1400yen
sold out
This calendar has 6 months displayed on one side. Close it, and then turn it open on the other side, and the other 6 months will be revealed 

January ― June July ― December

2020 Wall Calendars

CI-1 designed by Tatsuhiko Irie CI-2 designed by Tadao Ujihara
L72× W 33.5 cm 230 yen
sold out
L51.6 × W36.5cm  230 yen
sold out

2020 Japanese Paper Wall Calendar

CSJ-1 Saijiki
L98 × W67cm \1600

2020 Ukiyoe Wall Calendars

CK-1 Ukiyoe CK-2 Matoi CK-3 Beautiful Girl
H 77× W 35cm  1000yen
sold out
H 77× W 35cm 1000yen
sold out
H 77× W 35cm 1000 yen
sold out

2020 Tapestry Calendars
CTP-1 Tapestry Calendar
\1800 L50 × W36cm
sold out