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  Kazz's work

Thank you for visiting my personal site. I have wanted to make pottery since I was a young man. I did not start making pottery until I was 40 years old. I respect Kanjiro Kawai and Bernard Leach who were not only great potters but also leaders in the MINGEI movement.

blue glazed and red enameled large bowl
with straight rim (H 12 x W 42 cm)

my first piece accepted for the 64th
Kagawa Prefectural Art Exhibition in 1999

sold out

blue glazed and red enameled large bowl
   (H 18 x w 38 cm)
my first work accepted for the Kokugakai Exhibition (KOKUTEN) in 1998

amber glazed large pitcher
(H 50 x W 33 x 25cm)
sold out

amber glazed case with geometric pattern in black
(H 17 x W 39 cm )
accepted for the 75th Kokugakai Exhibition
(KOKUTEN) in 2000

blue glazed hanging vase
with the character of Fuku
(H 13 x W 35 cm)
    tricolor glazed, red enameled and
    combed framed tile
(H 45 x W 85cm) 
sold out sold out

My large plate was accepted for the 70th Kagawa Prefectural Art Exhibition on May 25, 2005. The exhibition was held from June 14 to July 10 at the Kagawa Prefectural Cultural Center in Takamatsu City.
blue glazed and red enameled large plate
with hydrangea pattern and black rim

(W 45 X H 5cm)

PD-26 blue plate (Kazz)
plate with fluted pattern under blue glaze
W 29 × H 5cm
sold out

PK-1  blue karakara (Kazz)
use for sake bottle or flower vase
H 15 x W 20x 15cm
sold out

blue glazed footed bowl
PT-12 tea cup (Kazz)
amber glazes tea cup with
black trailing slip decoration
H 6.5 × W 7cm
sold out
PD-7  (Kazz)
blue glazed footed bowl
H 6 x W 16cm
sold out
PM-13   (Kazz)
amber glazed beer mug
with trailing slip decoration
H 18 x W 12cm
PM-14   (Kazz)
blue glazed beer mug
H 16 x W 10cm

TL-2  Lamp (Kazz)
W 30×30×H 50 cm



I also love listening to music, especially modern jazz from 1958 to 1963. "Kind of Blue" is the jazz record that I first bought when I was 15 years old without knowing about jazz at all.  It suddenly made me get stuck in Jazz. The great performance by M.Davis, J. Coltrane, B. Evans, W. Kelly, J. C.Adderley, P.Chambers, J. Cobb made me absorbed in jazz. My favorite musician is Bill Evans in jazz pianists, so I often pretended to play the flute like Jeremy Steig on flute with listening to the record of "What's New" by B. Evans with Jeremy Steig.. I have been trying to make blue glaze for my pottery, which is named after "Blue in Green"that is one of my favorite jazz numbers. I love listening to Jazz vocal too. Especially, the record of John Coltrane & Johnny Hartman is the greatest! It's just like the bible for me. I recommend a Japanese jazz vocalist to the jazz lovers out of Japan. Her name is Junko Mine. Her "I wish you love" is my favorite one.

I went to New York to listen to Jazz about 20 years ago. Even now, I can remember hearing "Sophisticated Lady" by Toots Thielemans on the chromatic harmonica. Sometimes, when I listen to "The Lady Wants to Know" by Michael Franks, it reminds me of hearing that song in a yellow cab on the way to a hotel from the Blue Note late at night. I sometimes played Bossa Nova with my friends when I was a high school boy. I played the flute and my friends played the guitar and bass. One day, we recorded "The Girl from Ipanema" on a cassette in the rest room of our high school because of the great acoustics. It was a great performance for us and is one of my most precious memories. One of those friends helped me to build our website. I appreciate his help.


A pair of beagles is always watching me while I make pottery at night in my workshop. I think they are critiquing me. The male dog (left) is 9 years old and the female (right) is 7 years old. She was pregnant three times and gave birth to a total of 12 puppies.  She was really taking good care of their puppies but he never did it.. Because he often had his legs and tail bitten by the puppies, so he always ran about frantically trying to find a way of escape when they were approaching him. Since he is very tender, he had never bitten them. All the puppies were very cute. I hope they are happy in their new homes.

(When they were young) & (Now in 2006) (The first puppies she bred.)
I regret to say that he passed away on May 10, 2008.
We pray for the repose of his soul.

This pretty Scottishfold kitty is a member of my family.  This kitty was born in Kyoto,
September 16, 2006. She is enjoying in my house and sometimes looking out the window. 
I think she wants to go out to play with the beagles.  But she will never be allowed to go out
not to suffer from disease.  They are also interested in this kitty and want to play with her,
so they always look in through the window too. 

Here is the newest member of my family. This pretty Ragdoll was born in Nagoya, March 3rd, 2007.
He is especially well socialized and obedient. He made friends with the Scottishfold soon.
He likes a shampoo and never run away from dryer.

Chinese Hat Plant (Nov. 16)

The Chinese Hat is blooming at our shop now. It has narrowly trumpet-shaped flowers with
crimson petals and orange-red calyces. It looks like Bougainvillea, so everyone mistakes for it.
The contrast of the red and the green is very beautiful. We can enjoy the blossoms during Autumn
Recently, I'm interested in roses, so I'm collecting roses little by little for my garden.
I'm just re-landscaping my garden surrounded with especially beautiful roses, and many other flowers. If you would like to see more photos of roses, flowers, cats and dog. please visit my flickr's site.

Lovely roses and flowers in my garden