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Soetsu Yanagi was a tea master who believed that a "tea cup" represented much more than a material item. The "tea cup" and the "tea ceremony" are traditional Japanese arts that symbolize the serenity of the mind and of life itself. The words "tea cup" in the following poem have a much deeper meaning when you remember its symbolism.

When you become familiar with a tea cup,
you feel more at home.

The tea cup attempts to connect everyone in a family into a warm unity.
In such unity, it is possible to fully relax and reach peace of mind

The tea cup belongs to the family.
Without the tea cup, we would have no family anywhere.

If you love the tea cup, you will always try to return to your own family.
Tea cups will choose nice families.

Soetsu Yanagi
(translated by Laura Bryant-Earner)

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