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Hand Painted Kite 
These kites are made of washi (Japanese handmade paper) and bamboo. Takamatsu city was famous for various kinds of kite and traditional toy. But there are very few craftsmen here recently, and then the kind of kites and toys is decreasing rapidly. Now there is no young successor and we are worried about the extinction of such folkcrafts in the near future.

Yoshitsune at Ichinotani  
H 98 x W 62cm
  8000 yen
sold out
Yoshitsune at Yashima
  H 98 x W 62cm    
8000 yen
sold out
Yoshitsune & Benkei
on the Gojyo bridge
 H 98 x W 62cm
  8000 yen
sold out
female warrior
H 98 x W 62cm
8000 yen
sold out

Takamatsu hariko(paper-machi)

TU-1 Hoko-san (small) H 13x W 6 cm 1,300yen
TU-2 Hoko-san (large) H 10 x W 5 cm 1,800yen
TU-8 bowing Fukusuke (large) H 8.5 x W14cm 3,200yen
TU-26 standing Ryoma H 12 x W 5cm 2,800yen
TU-27 grandma H 8.5 x W 5cm 1,500yen

TU-3 Usakichi H 14 x W 6cm 2,000yen
TU-5 beckoning tiger H 11 x W 7cm 2,000yen
TU-6 Oshoro raccoon dog H10.5 x W 6cm 1,900yen
TU-9 squirrel H 7 x W 4cm 1,200yen
TU-10 little wild boar H 5 x W 8cm 1,200yen
TU-13 bear H 9 x W 6cm 1,300yen
TU-11 colt H 8 x W 7.5cm 1,400yen
TU-12 sumo wrestling
Kintaro with bear
H 14 x W 3cm
TU-14 fighting dog H10 x W 10cm 2,700yen

TU-15 shapei H 7 x W 7cm 1,200yen
TU-16 chawchaw H 10 x W 10cm 1,400yen
TU-17 beagle H 4.5 x W 9cm 1,300yen
TU-18 bullteria H 5 x W 13cm 1,200yen
TU-21 husky & bernard H 11 x W 10cm 1,600yen
TU-23 lover doll H 8.5 x W14.5cm 1,600yen

TU-28 tiger with swinging neck H18xW 35cm 6,500yen
TUM-1 mask of okame W 12.5cm 2,000yen
TUM-2 mask of hyottoko W 12.5cm 2,000yen


mask of ofuku

W 12.5cm 2,000yen
TUM-5 mask of daikoku W 12.5cm 2,000yen

lion's mask  (black hair)
TUM-6 mask of momotaro W 12.5cm 2,000yen
TUM-7 mask of ogre W 12.5cm 2,000yen
Shishi gashira
lion's mask
(black hair)
H 12 x W 28cm 6,800yen

hoko-san boy riding cow

This doll was accepted for design of
the New Year's memorial stamp in 1997

TO-1sold out hoko-san (small) H 11.5 x W 5.5cm 1,200yen
TO-2sold out hoko-san (medium) H 21 x W 9cm 2,000yen
TO-3sold out hoko-san (large) H 28 x W 13cm 3,500yen
made by Toyogoro Osaki
TO-4 boy riding cow H 10 x W 12cm
     made by Toyogoro Osak
sold out
   Toyogoro Osaki was awarded the Kiwanis award in 1996.

Kagari Mari (Quilted Ball)
TMB-1 quilted ball (Large)
        W 15cm 15.000 yen
quilted ball (small) W 7.8cm
TMB-2 (left)      3.000yen
TMB-3 (front)     3.000yen
TMB-4 (right)     3.000yen
TMB-5 (back)     3.000yen