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Mingei fukuda

Tango-no-Sekku  ( The Festival for Boys )

May 5th is Children's Day and a festival for boys (Boy's Day) in Japan.  We celebrate boy's healthy growth.  Their parents fly long carp-shaped streamers (Koinobori) from a high pole in the spring breeze and display warrior dolls inside the house.  The carp is a symbol of strength and power because they never give up to swim up rapid stream and even waterfalls 
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Pottery relief on wooden panel
RK-1 relief on wooden panel
Kintaro riding on carp 20,000 yen
black wooden part (30 ×36cm)
RK-2 relief on wooden panel  sold out
Kintaro riding on carp 9,000 yen
black wooden part (22 ×28cm)
         ( Kintaro is a character of Japanese fairy tale and a symbol of strong boy. )

RK-3 carp streamer with the lyrics 15,000 yen
black wooden part ( 36×18 cm )
sold out

RK-4 Shoki  15,000 yen
black wooden part ( 18×36 cm )
RK-5 Samurai riding on horse 9,000 yen
black wooden part ( 22×28 cm )

DK-4 sukoyaka  35000 yen DK-5 momotaro  28000 yen
  samurai boy  W14×H17×D12cm
carp streamer  W29×D5×H10.5cm 
 wooden black board  W32×L20cm
ornament 700 yen
momotaro  W14×H14×D8cm
back screen  W23×D5×H15cm 
 wooden balck board  W30×L18cm

Kabuto (Samurai helmet)
We display warrior dolls with a miniature suit of armor (yoroi) and helmet (kabuto), praying growth of our boys.

   Kabuto helmets which are made of crape cloth
KC-1       3,500 yen 
kabuto with a pair of torches, chimaki ( rice cakes), iris and golden folding screen        sold out
KC-2  kabuto with box    
4,500 yen
H 16×W 16×D 12 cm
sold out

   Kabuto helmets which are made of pottery
KP-3 delta kabuto (S) 3,000 yen
H 8.5×W 15×D 4.5 cm
KP-4 delta kabuto (L) 6,000 yen
H 13×W 24.5×D 7 cm
KP-5 kabuto  10,000 yen
H 11×W 18×D 16 cm

Folding Paper Works
WM-1 young samurai 4.900 yen WM-2 young samurai 4.900 yen

Hariko ( Paper mache )
  carp-shaped streamer & Kintaro
    Kintaro is a character of Japanese fairy tale and a symbol of strong boy.

HK-1 carp streamers 1800 yen HK-2 Kintaro and Bear  1800 yen
H 6×W 15×D 6 cm sold out H 15×W 16×D 10 cm sold out

HK-3 carp streamers 2300 yen HK-4balance toy of carp streamers
H 16.5×W 10×D 7 cm H 16.5×W 15×D 7 cm sold out

HK-5 carp  HK-6 chess 
H 4.5×W 8×D 6 cm sold out H 5.5×W 11×D 11 cm sold out

 Koinobori (carp-shaped streamers)       Tapestry                

These koinobori are made of durable Washi
(hand-made paper).
WF-1 streamer(small)       3000 yen
L 47 ×φ 10 cm
WF-2 streamer(large).       2500 yen
L 72 ×φ 13 cm
WK-1 carp streamer (large)  L 87 × W 36 cm
      (black, blue, red) each 8000 yen

WK-2 carp streamer (middle)  L 80 × W 32 cm
      (black, blue, red) each 7000 yen

WK-3 carp streamer (small)  L 58 × W 23 cm
      (black, blue, red) each 5500 yen

TK-1 tapestry with kabuto pattern
 L 59 × W 56 cm
7800 yen

miniature Koinobori set

WK-4 miniature Koinobori set 
(made of washi paper) 10000 yen
pole H44cm
streamer 26cm
black carp 24cm
red carp 22cm
blue carp 18cm

TCK-1 Sekkujitaku  TCK-2 flag with Kintaro  TCK-3 Takinobori 
(made of crape cloth) sold out (made of crape cloth) sold out (made of crape cloth) sold out
poleH 42, streamer19, BC18, RC17 cm pole H 41, flagH30×W 10cm pole H 44, white base wood W18×D10cm

 Hand-dyed framed picture on linen fabric by Kaku Tagawa

carp streamer and iris
20,000 yen

Wooden ornaments

WK-3 carp-shaped streamers sold out WK-4 ema with kabuto sold out
Ema is a wooden tablet with the ridge shaped like a roof. These wooden tablets are offered to shrines or temples to wish for future good luck, or express a sense of gratitude when one's wishes have come true. There are various designs of ema, so ema is also popular as a collector's item.